Did you know that about 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% achieve them? Often, our goals are too lofty or overwhelming, making them difficult to reach. Resolutions that are clearly identified and attainable are more likely to stick and make them foolproof. 

Our houses deserve to be on our list. They provide stability and lasting memories. They are often our biggest investment and require year-round carePre-scheduling your home’s regular cleaning services with Rainier is about as simple and achievable as a resolution can get. 

The only better feeling than checking off a goal is saving money while doing it. Our VIP program provides 10% savings on standard services and 20% on roof services when you schedule in advance.

Neighbor, now is the time to approach the new year with a resolve for reachable goals… and a well-maintained home.


It seems odd that we kick off the new year with a large ball sliding down a pole. But there’s a fun story behind it.

  • In 1904, The New York Times newspaper relocated to Longacre Square. 
  • The publication convinced the city to rename the area in their honor—New York Times Square. 
  • The paper’s owner threw a year-end party that included a boisterous fireworks show. 
  • Fireworks were later banned by the city, so an electrician devised a 700-pound ball made of wood, iron, and 100 light bulbs and dropped it from a flagpole at midnight. 
  • The tradition continues today with an upgraded 1,200-pound ball.

The ball has dropped, and your year is waiting. Go get it.