Puyallup Gutter Cleaning

Imagine walking out of your house on a rainy day and stepping into a giant puddle of water. You notice that even more water is dripping off your home, causing the flood to grow. The gutters are full from months of build-up, collecting water and debris through the Puyallup season. Gutter cleaning Puyallup is an essential home service that can cause other damages around the home.

Gutters quietly protect the home from water damage that can cause critical and expensive damage. Water distribution is essential for keeping your home dry as possible through the long rainy seasons. Gutters will also collect random debris, like dirt and pine needles carried by the wind, which causes improper water flow.

    Dangers of Messy Gutters

    A handful of issues will build when your gutters go without cleaning for long periods. 

    • Foundation Damages– When gutters begin to leak, they can cause pools of water to build that sit right on the foundation. Foundation damages are extensive and often costly to repair due to the ruined critical infrastructure.  
    • Roof Damages – Water that builds and sits in the gutters can start to soak the soffit and parts of the roof. Fixing roof damages is far more expensive than simply keeping the gutters clean.   
    • Ice Dams – Puyallup may not be the coldest climate, but ice can still build inside gutters. Ice dams will form when water doesn’t flow during freezing temperatures and cause more damage to gutters.    
    • Exterior Wall Damage – Gutters distribute water to help the house stay as dry as possible. When gutters are clogged, water will spill over and heavily absorb into the exterior walls causing damage.
    Puyallup Gutter Cleaning

    Signs the Gutters Need Cleaning

    Gutters are an afterthought when performing regular home maintenance and inspections. It is obvious that your gutters need cleaning, so it can be too late to avoid the associated risks.

    Look for some of these indicators to know when to find a gutter cleaning service in Puyallup:

    Sagging Gutters

    Weight from over-saturated debris will cause gutters to start sagging over time. The rainy season lasts for over half the year in Puyallup, and the weight will begin to build.


    On a dry day, look around the house and take note of the exterior wall conditions. Any noticeable staining on the exterior walls is likely from water dripping from the clogged gutters.

    Critters and Birds

    When debris builds up in the gutters, some smaller critters will use these piles as a form of shelter. Additionally, if you notice birds picking in the gutter, they are likely picking up materials for their nests.

    Benefits of Keeping Clean Gutters

    Homeownership is already expensive, and unexpected damages can pop up at any moment is costly and dangerous. Regular home inspections and maintenance help avoid problems, saving money through the years. 

    The damages caused by clogged gutters are typically slower to build, resulting in extensive issues later down the line. Keeping your gutter clean will let you enjoy the benefits of:

    •  Reduced Pest Activity- Moisture is one of the main reasons pests infest homes. Lowering overall moisture around the entire house makes pests less likely to appear. 
    • Save Foliage & Yard- Water can aggressively pour over the side of a clogged gutter, causing significant damage to plants. Additionally, uneven water distribution around the yard can cause excessive pooling and overwater ruining foliage. 
    • Flooding- Keeping gutters clean will help water flow away from the house, avoiding the risk of flooding, especially for homes with basements. 
    Puyallup Gutter Cleaning

    Best Time to Get Your Gutters Clean in Puyallup

    Living in a place like Puyallup means dealing with varied weather even well into the summer months. One could argue that spring is the best time to clean gutters from the prior months of constant rain. However, many people think the fall is a great time to prepare for the incoming rainy seasons.

    Both fall and spring are great for cleaning gutters! An industry recommendation is to clean gutters twice yearly to remain in the best condition. The springtime brings blooming flowers and falling pine needles. Clearing the gutter of pine needles will prevent down-spouts from clogging up.

    Clearing out gutters before the fall gets too close will benefit every home by cleaning out the summer’s build-up.

    The Problem with DIY Gutter Cleaning

    It is tempting to try and clean the gutters on your own, but there are some points to consider first.

    Damages to the Gutter

    The risk of damaging or breaking the gutters increases exponentially when not cleaned out by a professional. Additionally, many cheaper services use high-powered pressure washers to clean gutters which can expedite wear and tear. A professional service will identify worn areas and understand how to care for them properly.

    Insured Cleaning

    Not only will a professional gutter cleaner get the job done right, but they will be insured if anything happens. Unfortunately, more minor gutter cleaning services are not adequately insured, forcing homeowners to be liable for any damages caused during the service.

    Get the Job Done Right

    You need to be able to trust that your gutter cleaner is going to get the job done right! A professional gutter cleaning service will give you peace of mind knowing we do the job right the first time.

    Puyallup Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning in Puyallup

    Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning is the leading gutter cleaning company in Puyallup. Working with our team will guarantee that your gutters remain clean and in optimal shape throughout the year. Our technicians know how to inspect and clean gutters to maximize their lifespan professionally.

    Do not let another season pass with full gutters clogging up the water flow around your home. Even in the middle of summer or winter, there is no better time to clean your gutters than now. Contact us today to ask any questions about our company or service and get your free estimate for service.



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