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Nobody enjoys cleaning their gutters. It’s a messy, time-consuming, and exhausting job. Unfortunately, not performing regular gutter maintenance can lead to trouble. When gutters get clogged with debris, the end result is often serious damage to your home. The best way to avoid such damage is to hire a Tacoma gutter cleaning company to clean your gutters.

Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning has the expertise and experience to ensure that your gutters, windows, and roof are all tidy. Our competent team of fully insured technicians will gladly assess the condition of your gutters and provide a free quote for services. Call us today to schedule an appointment if your gutters are full of dirt, debris, or other clogs.

    Tacoma Gutter Cleaning

    Clean Gutters are Functional Gutters

    Gutters direct the flow of water from your roof to the ground. If your gutters do not function properly due to clogs, excess water finds its way to areas on your property that do not effectively absorb significant amounts of water. Having functional gutters is imperative to ensuring the integrity of your home because some areas on your property are not appropriate for massive water drainage.
    Still, gutters are prone to attracting dirt, branches, leaves, and other debris. This debris fills the gutters and creates clogs, which prevent water from flowing freely through the system. The water spills out of the blocked gutters, making your home vulnerable to several forms of preventable damage.

    Clogged gutters can lead to:

    Damage to the exterior of the home

    Water spills out of the gutters and streams down your home’s exterior. This constant flow of water causes damage. Additionally, too much water flowing down the exterior of your home eventually damages paint, siding, soffits, and fascia. Replacing exterior features on your home is expensive, with costs ranging in the thousands of dollars in many cases.
    The damage may seem negligible at first. Though, as the gutters remain clogged, issues start appearing around the entire exterior of the building. Even something seemingly minor, like peeling paint, is potentially a symptom of deeper, more concerning structural issues. The best way to avoid this expensive exterior damage is to call a Tacoma gutter cleaning company to unclog your gutters on a regular basis.

    Roof damage

    Clogged gutters cannot transport water from your roof. As the water stagnates, damage occurs. The water penetrates the internal components of the roof sometimes. This causes damage that weakens the structural integrity of the roof by causing rot and seepage.
    Allowing roof damage to occur is not ideal. Apart from costly repairs, roof damage creates entry points for rodents, birds, bugs, and other troublesome pests. The best way to avoid damage is to schedule an appointment for roof and gutter maintenance from Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning.

    Damage to the interior of the home

    Filthy gutters fill with stagnant water, then that water spills into areas that drain directly into your basement. Usually, this occurs when a rainwater trench forms. Rainwater trenches develop when water continually collects in a particular spot. These trenches go deep and often reach the foundation.
    When water gets into the basement, costly damage occurs. Namely, flooring is ruined, electronics are damaged, and furniture is soaked — all because homeowners neglected to have their gutters cleaned. Do not make this mistake. Contact a Tacoma gutter cleaning company to have your gutters professionally cleaned.

    Tacoma Gutter Cleaning
    Tacoma Gutter Cleaning

    Let a Tacoma Gutter Cleaning Company do the Dirty Work

    Cleaning gutters is a relatively simple task. This leads many to believe that they should do it themselves. We disagree. Usually, cleaning the gutters should always be left to a professional because who knows what could happen while you are on a ladder. There is always a chance that a gust of wind may blow and cause you to lose your footing, or some other surprise event could cause the ladder to fall. 

    The professionals at our Tacoma gutter cleaning company are seasoned veterans in this business. Fortunately, we understand how to safely and securely navigate your property to deliver a spectacular finished result. Additionally, we also use leading-edge techniques to ensure that our services do not damage your home’s gutters or other features. 

    The Gutter Cleaning Methods our Tacoma Gutter Cleaning Company Uses

    The interior and exterior of your gutters need to be cleaned. Together, the interior cleaning prevents debris build-up, while exterior cleaning improves the gutters’ aesthetic appeal. We either use a backpack blower to blast the debris out for the interior cleaning process or implement the hand-scoop method. As the name implies, the hand-scoop method involves doing it the old-fashioned way — using gloved hands to get the debris out and put it in bags.
    As for the exterior of your gutters, we use soft bristled brushes and a hose. Nice and simple. We’re sure you’ve heard of another Tacoma gutter cleaning company touting that they use power washers to clean the exterior of gutters, which may sound appealing. Unfortunately, these companies do not consider the fact that power washers can cause damage to the gutters. We care about our customers, so we never use power washers for this part of the job.