How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

“Make my roof look new” is a plea we often hear from homeowners. Certainly, the Pacific Northwest climate takes a toll on the roof of practically every home. Owing to the moss, mildew, and rust that quickly accumulate on these surfaces, even a new roof can look dingy. Consequently, we have strategies to make your roof look new.

Clean Off Debris

Pine needles, tree leaves, and moss are some materials that detract from a roof’s good looks. The whole property gets a facelift when you regularly clear debris off your home’s rooftop. Sweep the roof and unclog the gutters on a seasonal basis for optimal results. Of course, taking safety precautions whenever you access your roof is very important.

Remove Algae to Make My Roof Look New

In damp climates like Tacoma and the surrounding area, it’s easy for algae, mildew, and moss to spread on your roof. Not only do these growths make your roof unsightly, they also damage its structural integrity.

Important to realize that blackish stains that appear on light-colored asphalt shingles are actually blue-green algae. To begin with, make a mixture of 50% water and 50% bleach. Secondly, spray wash the roof with this mixture. Let the mixture sit between 15 and 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse it off with clean water. Emphatically, we advise you not to pressure wash your roof. The powerful spray from these devices damages shingles.

To prevent the return of algae, insert 6-inch wide strips of zinc or copper beneath the row of shingles that are near the peak of the roof. Make sure to leave two inches of exposed metal at the bottom of the shingles. In this manner, the rain will pour off the metal and inhibit the growth of any algae beneath this barrier.

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?
How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

New Gutters Give Fresh Life to a Roof

Undoubtedly, one of the most visible parts of your roof is its gutters. Your house looks drab and dreary when your gutters sag or hang crookedly. Under those circumstances, you can take the following measures:

  • Repaint your gutters—Often, a fresh coat of paint can make your roof look much better.
  • Repair your gutters—You can do some spot repairs for gutters that are functional but sag in places.
  • Replace your gutters—Without question, one of the most effective ways to make your roof look new is to replace your gutters. While you are at it, you can upgrade your gutters with better materials or more stylish designs. This gives your roof an immediate facelift. 

Repair Edges and Eaves

When the edges of your roof are uneven, they detract from the look of your roof. Similarly, eaves with cracked paint make your rooftop look shabby and tired. Repairing frayed shingle edges and repainting eaves is an excellent way to make your roof look new. Furthermore, if your flashing is rusted, replace that as well.

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

Trim Tree Branches That Hang Over Your Roof

Tree branches drip rain, sap, needles, and leaves onto your roof. When you trim branches that overhang your roof, you let in light and minimize damage. Suddenly, gloomy shadows give way to sunlight. This is a quick fix to make your roof look new.

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

Updated Shingle Colors Make My Roof Look New

Often, the sun and rain fade the shingles on your home. When you replace the shingles, the appearance of your entire home improves. ProTip: To add curb appeal to your home, choose shingle colors that compliment the house trim. Not only do the new shingle colors enhance the paint job on your house, but their fresh appearance gives fresh life to your roof.

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

Make My Roof Look New with Paint

Certainly, it is expensive to replace asphalt shingles. Instead of this costly process, give your shingles a fresh coat of acrylic paint. Undoubtedly, this solution makes a powerful visual impact. Of course, fresh paint is not a permanent fix. After you paint asphalt shingles, it is important to paint them again so they remain in good condition.

Regular Maintenance to Make My Roof Look New

Of course, the best way to renew the look of your roof is with regular maintenance. As professional home maintenance providers to the Kent, Washington area, we understand the challenges our climate presents to property

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

Specifically, roof moss is a problem many residents face. To remove moss from your roof, we use a special brush agitation process. This protects the integrity of your roof and makes it look clean and new.

Not only are we the best roof cleaners in the community, but we also perform the following services:

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