Professional Moss Removal From Concrete

Moss commonly forms on outdoor surfaces, especially surfaces like concrete, which retain moisture for long periods. Unfortunately, this mold can decrease the aesthetic appeal of your property, so many homeowners hope to eliminate as much moss as possible. To achieve moss removal from concrete, people use various store-bought chemical solutions. But, having a professional come to perform the removal ensures the longevity of the treatment.

Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning provides our valued customers with professional moss removal from concrete. The following will show you the importance of this service and how you can get started with a free consultation.

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    How Moss Grows on Hard Surfaces

    You may accept moss growing in your lawn, but moss is unwanted mainly when it comes to hard surfaces. Structures like concrete, asphalt, wood, and aluminum are all prone to developing patches of unsightly moss. Many homeowners complain about moss growing on their roofs, driveways, and on the sides of their homes and garages.

    Unlike most plants, moss prefers to grow in areas where light and air circulation are minimal. These surfaces are more likely to remain damp for prolonged periods after it rains, as the sunlight and wind will not be present to dry them out. Beyond your driveway, also watch out for moss on your sidewalk, enclosed patio, and similar outdoor surfaces.

    Why Remove Moss From Concrete?

    We’ve mentioned that moss-covered concrete can be unattractive, but we suggest you eliminate moss growths as soon as possible for several reasons. For example, moss is known to retain moisture beneath concrete, causing surface deterioration. This inevitably shortens the lifespan of the surface in question.

    Moss Removal From Concrete

    Moss Removal from Concrete Sidewalk and Driveway

    You may be facing a moss growth that is adjacent to your lawn. So, how can you remove moss from concrete without damaging the plants in your yard or garden?

    There are plenty of weed-killing herbicides on the market, but most of these will not be effective against moss on your driveway or sidewalk. Other products kill moss in your lawn, but these are also inappropriate for removal from concrete. This is because lawn-oriented moss killers feature iron-based ingredients, which naturally cause rust-like stains on concrete and other hard surfaces.

    For the ideal result, look for a moss-killing product that eliminates moss quickly and doesn’t leave behind unsightly stains. Usually, solutions that prevent moss from holding moisture will do the trick perfectly. These products eliminate water from the moss-covered area, which dries out the moss, killing it. Additionally, these products do not cause staining like many other moss-killers.

    Best Company for Moss Removal From Concrete

    When you choose to implement a strategy for moss removal from concrete, you are best served by consulting with a surface cleaning company like Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning. By working with professionals, you increase the likelihood of desirable results. Any worries about staining your pavement or killing nearby plants can be minimized!

    Working with a moss removal company also relieves you of the stress related to the manual application of moss removal solutions. We often rely on a pressure washer to perform an initial cleaning. Handling such equipment should be left to the professionals, as there is always risk involved when using these highly pressurized water spraying devices.

    Moss Removal From ConcreteMoss Removal From Concrete

    Can You Remove Moss With Bleach?

    Many DIY home improvement websites recommend that homeowners use a bleach solution to remove moss from their properties. We strongly advise you not to do this. A bleach solution will undoubtedly stain your pavement, resulting in a spotty, unappealing finish. While bleach will undoubtedly kill the moss you struggle with, eliminating it is usually not worth creating discolored splotches on your hard surfaces.

    Another reason to abstain from bleaching your driveway is that bleach solutions are deadly to local plants. They can also harm wildlife that consumes or comes into contact with the solution. There is no reason to create hazards to the plants and wildlife on your property. Instead, have Rainier Window, and Gutter Cleaning handle your moss removal from concrete.

    Preventing Moss Buildup

    Cleaning and treating your surfaces one time will not permanently eliminate moss. As spores are introduced to the surfaces and moisture builds up, moss will inevitably grow again. To prevent moss buildup, take steps to ensure that your hard surfaces do not regularly see direct sunlight. This sunlight dries out the moss, increasing the chances of it dying naturally.

    Minimizing the amount of moisture on your hard surfaces can be equally effective for limiting moss buildup. Because these organisms require water to sustain their growth, providing adequate drainage infrastructure keeps moss at bay.
    Of course, the best and easiest solution for preventing moss buildup is regularly hiring professionals to clean and treat your property. If you do not have the time to inspect your concrete regularly, moss develops more easily. It sometimes happens overnight. Though, with the proper protections in place, this will never be a problem again. Work with a moss removal company to ensure that moss never gets the upper hand on your property!

    Expert Moss Removal From Concrete

    Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning have years of experience specializing in outdoor surface cleaning. We have served hundreds of customers and take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results for each and every one of our clients. Through thorough training and passionate leadership, we ensure that each team member is prepared to deliver top-tier customer service and the ideal finished product.

    We do not simply want your business — we hope to build a sustained partnership with you. Together, we can combat moss, mold, and other substances that make your home’s surfaces unsightly and potentially hazardous.

    To get started with a free quote and consultation, use the contact form on this page or give us a call.

    Moss Removal From Concrete