Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning should be a regular service for any homeowner in the Pacific Northwest. In a perpetually damp climate like ours, dirt accumulates on surfaces and clings there. Consequently, regular pressure cleaning keeps your home clear not only of grime but free of mold, mildew, and pollen, too.

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    What Pressure Cleaning Can Do for Your Property

    As time goes by, the elements take a toll on your home. Dirt, dust, pollen, sun, smoke, and wind cause exterior surfaces to lose their luster. Subsequently, your home becomes drab, discolored, and soiled. Moreover, this accumulation can actually damage your home. Fortunately, regular pressure cleaning keeps your home’s exterior clean, pristine, and functional, especially when seasoned professionals do the job.

    Pressure Cleaning

    A Dirty Job Best Done by Professionals

    Let’s face it: pressure cleaning is a dirty job. That said, while you can probably handle this task yourself, there’s a good chance you have better things to do with your free time. Certainly, we’re happy to remove the dirt and grime from the outdoor surfaces of your home.

    Time and time again, our customers tell us how happy they are to pull up a sparkling clean home. Without a doubt, pressure cleaning is one of those home maintenance services that professionals perform best—and that’s where we come in!

    Boost Your Curb Appeal

    Pressure cleaning has a powerful impact that is instant and obvious. Our customers often express shock over how much better their homes look due to a power clean. Not only do the sparkling clean surfaces look brand new, but their colors become fresh and vibrant. Suddenly, your home has a brand new level of curb appeal. Not only that, your pride of ownership soars.

    A Sparkling Clean Driveway for Pleasant Home Entry

    Often, the driveway is the first thing visitors see when they enter your home. Additionally, it’s a surface frequented by family members, pets, friends, service technicians, and delivery people. Even though your visitors are welcome, they can track dirt, grime, and pollen into your home via your driveway, which can cause health problems for you. That’s why it’s wise to have this surface pressure cleaned regularly. Because when your entryways are spotless, it becomes much easier to keep the inside of your home clean, too.

    And while power cleaning your driveway doesn’t sound very glamorous, it’s highly satisfying to watch. Check out this video to see the dramatic difference power cleaning a driveway can make to your home.

    Pressure Cleaning

    Pressure Cleaning Makes Your Deck Look Brand New

    Your deck is a great place to relax when it’s clean. However, an outdoor space covered with grime and vegetation is rarely used. Worst of all, this surface is downright dangerous when it isn’t regularly pressure cleaned. Give us a call for service so you can enjoy your deck again. Please note we do not pressure wash wood decks.

    Pressure Cleaning for Safe Sidewalks

    In addition to your driveway, you must pressure clean your sidewalks. When you keep the surfaces of your walkways clean, you prevent guests and passersby from dangerous falls. As residents of the Pacific Northwest, we know how rain can mix with grime to create slick surfaces. By pressure cleaning your sidewalks, you save countless trips to the emergency room.

    Pressure Cleaning for Pristine Surfaces

    In addition to routine maintenance, pressure cleaning can also remove tough stuff that has no business on or around your home. We can pressure clean the exterior of your home to remove:

    Pressure Cleaning
    • Graffiti—Get rid of unsightly graffiti with a pressure washer, whether it’s been applied to concrete, brick, or metal surfaces.
    • Paint—Peeling or flaking paint can be easily removed with a professional power cleaner.
    • Rust—A compact water jet is powerful enough to remove these sad-looking spots from your home.
    • Gum—Pressure cleaning is effective for these sticky annoyances, even after they’ve been trampled.
    • Mold, MIldew, & Moss—Remove mold, mildew, and moss from concrete, glass, pavers, and siding with a pressure cleaner.
    • Calcium & Lime Deposits—Hard water creates these deposits that are tough to remove without the intensity of a pressure cleaner.
    • Oil & Grease—The scourge of every proud homeowner’s driveway, these stains can be effectively removed with pressure cleaning.

    Professional Pressure Cleaning Protects Delicate Areas from Damage

    As professional pressure cleaners, we know which areas to avoid with powerful spray. In particular, your roof requires a more delicate approach to cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, strong blasts of water are not good for shingles. That’s why, when we pressure clean your home, we steer clear of surfaces that require a delicate, hands-on approach like roof moss removal.

    Surfaces You Should Not Pressure Clean

    Emphatically, different surfaces require different treatments. And while pressure cleaning leaves many areas pristine and clean, some areas need another approach to cleaning. They include:

    • Shingles—Pressure washing asphalt shingles strips away granules that protect your roof. Additionally, pressure cleaning a roof can compromise its integrity—we recommend our special roof cleaning surfaces for this job.
    • Air Conditioners—To clean your air conditioning unit, you should use gentle water flow to rinse away the debris that can accumulate on its delicate fins. Specifically, bent cooling fins mean reduced air flow, which defeats the purpose of a good air conditioner.
    • Electrical Panels and Meters—Although outdoor electrical panels are built to withstand rain, they shouldn’t be subjected to the powerful spray of a pressure washer.
    • Old Mortar—A pressure cleaner can damage old brick houses and other landscaping surfaces. It’s better to use gentle methods to clean old mortar.
    Pressure Cleaning

    Make Pressure Cleaning Routine—Join Our VIP Program!

    As shown above, routine maintenance protects the investment of every homeowner. That’s why we’ve created a VIP program. When you pre-schedule your annual services like pressure cleaning, you save 10% on standard jobs and 20% on roof services. Just sign up, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our customers.

    Pressure Cleaning