Puyallup Moss Removal

Living in the Pacific Northwest, moss growth is inevitable and can be hard on the entire home. Puyallup’s long, rainy season promotes massive moss growth on and around the roof. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the growth’s extent because of limited visibility from the ground. Finding professional moss removal in Puyallup will save homeowners the stress and money of roof damage caused by moss.

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    Effects Of Moss On Your Roof in Puyallup

    Despite adding a unique aesthetic, allowing moss to grow freely has several detrimental effects on the roof. Here are some side effects that uncontrolled moss can do to a roof.

    Puyallup Moss Removal

    Weight From Moss

    The roof is one of the strongest components of the home, but it cannot withstand prolonged periods of weight bearing. Moss absorbs water, which can pack extra weight for the roof to carry, often in uneven disbursements.

    Shingle Deterioration

    The shingles are the most vital component of the roof because they are what genuinely protect the home from damage. However, heavy saturation drastically reduces the roof’s lifespan when moss grows on top of the shingles. Additionally, moss will eventually grow under shingles and force holes in the roof leading to slow and quiet leaks.


    Where there is heavy moisture, mold is sure to come! Moss is a great conductor of mold due to the saturation it takes to grow moss. 

    Puyallup Moss Removal

    Endless Growth

    It only takes missing a small amount of hidden moss to grow back in no time. When moss has enough time to grow under shingles, no amount of sunlight will be able to slow its growth.
    Removing the visibly visible moss will not ultimately stop moss growth on the roof. Instead, the untreated moss will continue to spread across the roof. Moss that grows under shingles is often the root cause of several issues that will later develop in a domino-effect order.

    Roof Cleaning Frequency For Puyallup Homes

    It cannot be stressed enough to get your roof professionally cleaned. Puyallup homeowners should get their roofs cleaned twice a year. The best times to clean the roof are between the winter and summer into fall seasons.   

    Since the rainy season promotes the most growth, cleaning the roof during spring is highly recommended. Springtime roof cleaning and moss removal will eliminate the build-up from the extended rainy season. Roofs tend to accumulate moss and other debris throughout the winter, which will only continue to grow during the summer. 

    Moss will slow in the summer, but it is generally not hot enough to completely rid everything before summer’s end. Some moss left on the roof will grow even worse when the rain and cool weather start again. 

    Puyallup Moss Removal

    Reasons To Not DIY Moss Removal 

    It is tempting to try and clean your roof off yourself or higher a cheaper service to save time and money. However, it is best to warn of the potential harm the roof and your wallet may face through these avenues. 

    Attention to Detail

    The Puyallup weather is ideal for growing moss, meaning roof cleanings must be highly detailed. However, if any moss is left over, roof cleaning may be for nothing because it will eventually grow back. A professional moss removal specialist will understand the most common hiding areas.


    Many homeowners use pressure washers to clean the roofs, which goes against our recommendations. Though pressure washers make cleaning the roof much more manageable, they add stress and wear to the shingles.

    More Than Moss On The Roof

    Roofs get more exposure to the elements than any other home area. As a result, a roof will substantially collect debris from wind or critters in addition to growing moss. In addition, random debris collecting on the roof can bring on more issues, like moss, that pose different threats to structural integrity.
    The vegetation tends to have no problem growing in Puyallup since there is so much rain. However, growth brings issues for roofs because pine needles, leaves, and branches land on the house in no time.
    The random debris collected on the roof will eventually work its way down gutters and clog them. A gutter’s leading service to the house is to provide even water distribution from rain runoff. When water cannot correctly disperse away from the home, pooling will build and cause massive foundational damage.

    Puyallup Moss Removal
    Puyallup Moss Removal

    Benefits of Hiring Professional Moss Removal in Puyallup

    • Trained Eye- Give your roof the attention it needs to combat moss growth by hiring a professional. Moss removal specialists will know all the different hiding spots moss tends to grow on your roof.  
    • Proper Equipment- Instead of a pressure washer, professional roof cleaners come equipped with the right gear for the job. For example, the best moss removal treatment involves eco-friendly moss killer and brush agitation.
    • Get the job done right the first time! Ensure your roof is free of moss and other damage-causing growth by letting the professionals handle the roof cleaning. 
    • Clean and Clear Gutters- The gutters are just as important to clear moss and other debris as the roof. Professional roof cleaners will ensure the gutters are clear of obstructions and free of moss growth. 

    Genuine Puyallup Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning 

    Contact Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning when ready to take the first steps to a healthier roof. Our team of seasoned professionals knows how to treat your roof best to ensure all the moss is gone. 

    Keeping a clean roof is difficult living in Puyallup. Still, Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning make it easier by tackling this massive responsibility for you. Contact us today to receive an estimate on your next roof cleaning and moss removal service.