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Tacoma residents will tell you how the rainy seasons are consistent and relentless year-round. Homeowners are tasked with many responsibilities to ensure their home has minimal issues. Tacoma roof cleaning is an essential service for homes to endure the long and harsh rainy weather.

The roof is one of the most under-serviced areas of homes because, more often than not, homeowners forget. Though a roof is one of the most vital parts of a home, they are not invincible and require routine care.

Importance of Roof Cleaning in Tacoma

The roof is one of the few components of your home that separates you and your family from outside threats. Whether protecting from the elements and weather, harmful insects, or even people, a healthy roof does a lot in a day. However, the roof is often one of the most neglected areas of the home when it comes to routine maintenance. To keep a functioning roof over your head in Tacoma, roof cleaning needs to be a top priority for homeowners.

Here are some of the reasons regular Tacoma roof cleaning is essential!

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    Slow Shingle Deterioration

    Your roof’s shingles make the difference from your roof lasting for years or days. When shingles wear down quickly, they can start leaking water inside, causing significant damage to the rest of the home. Tacoma roof cleaning will give your shingles the care it needs to maximize the lifespan of your entire roof. Shingles will not last forever, but they can certainly last longer when properly maintained.

    Avoid Ice Dams

    Ice dams are a roof’s worse nightmare during the wintertime. An ice dam is a formation of ice that sits on the roof’s edge and builds sitting water. Ice dams form when a collection of debris that builds up from melting snow trying to run off the roof but freezes at the edge. When ice dams form, they cause water to sit idle on the roof and eventually start saturating the roof and leaking inside. Roof and gutter cleaning will prevent ice dams from forming by giving the roof a clean surface for runoff.

    Tacoma Roof CleaningTacoma Roof Cleaning
    Tacoma Roof Cleaning

    Mitigate Growth of Harmful

    • Moss– Giving invasive algae a chance to grow on the roof is dangerous because algae can thrive almost anywhere. As algae develop, it will quickly get under shingles and pop them off. Also, algae retain moisture, which can start to soak the more sensitive roof parts, rendering the shingles ineffective.
    • Mold– Tacoma residents know how quickly mold can grow in almost any condition. When shingles deteriorate, they will start leaking more water inside, which can bring on mold growth. Mold can cause respiratory issues for everyone living inside silently and will only continue to grow if not treated.
    • Wood Rot– Tacoma roof cleanings will help reduce wood rot when water heavily saturates the wood holding the roof up. If wood rot occurs on your roof, a simple repair may not be enough; the entire roof may need replacing.

    Boost Appearances

    Tacoma roof cleaning offers your home a chance to keep up with a clean presentation year-round. The build-up of debris and moss can make the entire house look messy even if you’re yard is maintained. A clean roof adds the final touch that brings the home together and keeps show-ready appearances all year long.

    Tacoma Roof Cleaning

    Maintenance Saves Money

    Would you instead pay small installations for maintenance services or costly repairs when the maintenance gets pushed by the wayside? Investing in proper maintenance, like Tacoma roof cleaning services, throughout the year are a great way to save money. Routine maintenance is the only way to reduce the risks of expensive and sometimes dangerous damages from building up.

    How Often Should I Seek Out Tacoma Roof Cleaning

    Timing is everything to get the most out of your Tacoma roof cleaning service. Overall, there is no wrong time to get a roof cleaning because a clean roof will provide the same benefits. However, you should seek service in the spring or fall to get the most out of your roof cleaning. Roof cleanings at the end of the spring will clear the debris collected from the winter and reduce moss.

    Additionally, roof cleaning at the beginning of fall will prepare your roof for the incoming rainy season. Ideally, cleaning your roof twice a year is the preferred recommendation, but an annual cleaning will still yield benefits.

    Why Choose Rainier Window and Gutter Cleaning

    • Trustworthy Results- Cheaper roof cleaning services often use pressure washers which can be hard on shingles and even cause damage. Our services focus on a granular approach to target moss growth above and below shingles while being gentle on the shingles.
    • On-Time Service- We value your time, so we promise to show up on time and deliver a highly efficient service.
    • Locally Owned and Operated- Rainier Windows and Gutter Cleaning is a small local business in Tacoma’s heart since 2016.
    • Quality of Service, Not Quantity- Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the best service possible. We give our team members ample time to give your roof the necessary attention to detail.
    • Multiple Service Offering- Our services include professional window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. You knock off more than one item on your annual to-do list in one service!
    Tacoma Roof Cleaning

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