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    Don’t compromise the roof over your head. Keep your roof water-tight with help from the roof cleaning and moss control experts at Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning. The best way to take care of your roof is with regularly scheduled routine maintenance. Depending on where you live and the nature of your surroundings, we recommend pre-scheduled roof cleaning two to four times per year. Our affordable prices ensure the prevention of costly repairs and expensive roof replacement

    Your roof gets the professional treatment it requires with roof cleaning and moss control services that include:

    • Brush agitation process to remove moss
    • For our moss killer, we use “zinc monohydrate,” which is a granular application and totally “eco and pet friendly.”
    • Rain is good after applying a moss killer. Rain activates the moss killer and evenly spreads down the roof.
    • Customized scheduled maintenance plans
    • Affordable pricing and free estimates

    Make sure your roof is free from moss and debris that could cause leaks and necessitate expensive repairs. Contact us today for a cost estimate and put your trust in the region’s most trusted roof cleaning company.

    Roof Cleaning
    Roof Cleaning


    You probably already know that using a pressure washer to clean your roof is a very bad idea. There are countless internet resources that will tell you as much. It may be tempting to clean your roof with a pressure washer but it could cause significant damage to your shingles and, in turn, the contents of your home.

    Many cleaning companies will remove moss by simply blasting it with a power washer. This is actually a huge detriment to your roof. By removing moss with a power washer, the lifespan of your roof is significantly shortened. Power washing will remove moss from your roof, but it will also remove the asphalt granules from your shingles. This is the stuff that protects your shingles from wear, giving them a longer lifespan.

    This is just one example of why professionalism matters when it comes to roof cleaning. Hiring a handyman or attempting to do the job yourself could lead to irreversible damage if it’s not done right the first time. Roof cleaning isn’t necessarily difficult but it is hard work that requires an understanding of roof types, their vulnerabilities, and the most effective cleaning techniques. Roof pressure washing is just one example of how an improper technique could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in roof repairs.


    Everyone has heard the age-old adage that moss grows on the northern side of trees. In an ideal world, that’s where the moss should stay. The proverb that doesn’t get passed around is that moss can take root on your roof.

    In the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, and Bellevue, moss can quickly accumulate on any type of roof. If left unchecked, rot and moisture can quickly compromise roof structures like shingles. On shingle roofs, moss can actually cause the shingles to rise up from each other. With these new gaps made, water is able to seep into the decking of the roof and cause leaks, which could potentially ruin your home.

    Furthermore, with moss raising the shingles, this can cause them to fall victim to a sail-like effect when heavy winds blow, ripping the shingles straight off your roof. This means your roof can leak for months before you notice it, causing widespread damage to your home’s structure, walls, sheetrock, and possessions. The best way to avoid this scenario is with regularly scheduled roof moss removal two to four times per year.

    Roof Cleaning

    Our professional roof moss removal technicians use brush agitation to remove the moss. Next, we use backpack blowers to push away and clean the debris. When that’s done, we check and clean all of your gutters to make sure they’re doing their job to protect the integrity of your roof.

    This process is sometimes called soft wash roof cleaning. We have found this proven roof moss removal technique to be the most effective way to remove moss without damaging the shingles on your roof. Not only is it less invasive than a pressure washer, but it will also not affect the integrity of your roof.

    Roof Cleaning


    If it’s been a long time since your last roof cleaning, the moss may be heavy and widespread across your roof. As a final step of our moss control regime, we use a zinc treatment on your roof to kill any remaining moss. Best of all, zinc treatments are entirely safe, and will not cause you, your plants, or pets any harm.

    We will remove at least 80% of the moss by brushing and blowing and let the moss killer kill off the remaining 20%. The reasoning for this is because it’s a lot healthier for your roof to let the moss killer do some of the work rather than over-agitating the roof. The goal is to clean the roof with as little friction as possible and it’s something we are very good at.

    In situations where there are little moss hairs remaining on your roof, please wait 4-6 weeks to let the moss killer take effect and kill the remaining moss. If there is any moss remaining after 4 to 6 weeks, let us know so that we can come back out to your home and apply another application of moss killer at no charge to you.


    As mentioned above, one of our roof cleaning steps involves removing debris from your gutters to ensure there are no obstructions or leaks. Not only do we offer roof and gutter cleaning, but we also offer gutter cleaning as an independent service.

    It’s important to note that clogged gutters can lead to clogs that cause leaks. Gutter leaks can damage your foundation, framing, and even the interior of your home. Foundation damage caused by damaged gutters is surprisingly common and it can cost a fortune to repair. In other words, roof gutter cleaning is extremely important

    Why take chances when you can schedule routine roof gutter cleaning at regular intervals throughout the year. Once your gutter and roof cleaning service is set up, you never have to worry about forgetting to make an appointment. We take care of the job when it’s time so you can go about your daily routine without ever worrying about expensive home repairs caused by leaking gutters.

    Roof Cleaning
    Roof Cleaning


    Your roof protects you from the elements while protecting your home and possessions from the damage it can cause. A roof repair is one of the most expensive a homeowner can face, so they’re best avoided by taking advantage of proven roof cleaning services.

    At Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning, we offer the following roof cleaning services:

    Roof cleaning – No matter what style of roof you have, we will make sure it’s totally free from debris and moss. We use gentle but effective roof cleaning techniques that protect the integrity of your roof and it’s overall lifespan.

    Roof gutter cleaning – No list of roof cleaning services would be complete without offering quality roof gutter cleaning. Any obstructions in your gutters can cause serious problems in and around your home. Not only will we clean your gutters, but this professional service also includes checking for leaks and the integrity of gutter joints.

    Window cleaning – It may seem like it happens overnight but one day you suddenly notice that your windows are just plain dirty. Windows can be hard to clean, especially if you live in a multi-story home. By offering routine window cleaning service, you never have to worry about seeing the world through a film of grime and dirt.

    Pressure Washing – There is no better way to keep driveways, sidewalks, and pavers clean than with our professional pressure washing service. This simple and straightforward process not only keeps your home looking its best, but it also protects you from falling on slippery surfaces.


    While roof cleaning doesn’t require many specialized items, it is often quite dangerous. For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional roof cleaning company to take care of your roof. However, for those without a fear of heights and experience working on a roof, we offer the following do-it-yourself information.

    The first thing you’re going to need is a secure ladder to access your roof. You will also want to wear appropriate clothing and footwear so you don’t slip and end up taking a nasty tumble. Working on a roof is always messy, especially when you’re cleaning it, so be sure to wear clothing that will protect you from the elements that you don’t mind possibly ruining. Many DIY experts recommend wearing a safety rope so that if you lose your footing, you don’t fall.

    If you have moss on your roof, you need to address this first. Use a soft brush on a pole to gently work moss free from shingles or tiles. You should be wearing rubber gloves and eye protection as you work. It’s important not to scrape or pound on your roof or you could damage your shingles, which defeats the purpose of cleaning them. Remember that if you break, tear, or crack a shingle, you’re going to have to replace it.


    Next, use a garden hose to wash away the most. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER! Pressure washers damage shingles and can lead to serious problems.

    After the roof is rinsed, there are a number of DIY solutions you can use to clean it. You should apply it on a cloudy day so that it doesn’t evaporate too quickly. You need to use these solutions with extreme caution. If the solution spills on your paint, plants, or sidewalks, it can cause serious and unsightly damage. Put down a tarp and work cautiously.

    We use a zinc roof cleaner that kills moss residue and prevents it from growing too quickly. Some DIY home improvement websites recommend attaching zinc-coated sheet metal strips to specific areas on your roof but this may require technical expertise that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have.



    Rather than go through the hassle of handling your own roof cleaning project, contact us today and let our experts handle the dirty work. We recommend routine scheduled service to prevent debris, dirt, and moss from ruining your roof. However, we can handle any job under any circumstances, so don’t hesitate to call.


    and Driveways Too!

    Roof Cleaning


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    Andrew Munro
    January 11, 2023.
    Worth every penny. Nick was a total pro.
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    Mike McDevitt
    January 10, 2023.
    Prompt, professional, courteous. When so many business are underdelivering, it is pleasure to work with one which does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it.
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    Tiphany Thomas
    January 10, 2023.
    We had a wonderful experience, they were responsive and fast and beyond professional! Would recommend to anyone!
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    January 10, 2023.
    Amazing service! They went above and beyond to provide a great experience.
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    Mike Alvarez
    January 6, 2023.
    Honestly, look no further. Timely response, timely quote, timely arrival and work done right the first time at a high standard. All that along with great care given to the property and cleaning up afterwards make Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning the only place I'll call in the future to perform maintenance on my roof and clean my gutters. Special note to Nick, our technician, who did great work, thank you, Nick!
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    Tom Benston
    January 6, 2023.
    Daniel was very meticulous, and efficient in cleaning both the inside and outside windows of our two story home.
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    Nathan D'Ambrosia
    January 6, 2023.
    Excellent service. Our technician was great, very thorough, and helpful.
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    Bernie Gregory
    January 4, 2023.
    Fast and reasonable....always a job well done.
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    Mike Phelan
    December 31, 2022.
    I've been using this company for about 3 years. I have them come out twice a year to perform roof and gutter cleaning as I have numerous large trees surrounding my house. They show up on time, every time, and perform the agreed upon work in a timely and professional manner for a reasonable price. I plan to continue using their services in the future.
    Roof Cleaning
    Jessica Lyons
    December 30, 2022.
    Very quick to respond when contacted, service provider was on time (in fact early!), quick, communicative, and got the job done.