Sparkle with Joy, Laughter & Clean Windows…

Home is the heart of the holidays. It’s a place to gather, laugh, and celebrate. As we prepare for guests, we usually have an indoor to-do list—but we often overlook the outside. Here are some tips on prepping your home’s exterior for the arrival of friends and family:

  • Light the way. Ensure there is plenty of light to lead your guests into and out of your home. Also, replace any light bulbs that have burned out.
  • Clear the clutter. Put away yard tools, kids’ toys, old planters, and anything else that doesn’t need to be there. If there are branches that get in the way of the path or entry, trim them up.
  • Focus on the front. Your entryway is the first thing guests will see. Pretty planter, clean windows, touched-up trim, and a new doormat all make great first impressions.
  • Sweep the deck. Clear the front area of branches, leaves, and debris. Pressure washing will remove any grime and freshen up your deck and driveway.
  • Display your decorations. Get into the spirit and hang your favorite decorations. A beautiful wreath, colorful lights, and other holiday-themed decorations create a festive setting. (When placing the decorations, be careful not to puncture gutters, soffits, or siding.)

As you work through your to-do list, please know that we are here to help where we can. Contact us to discuss what we can check off your list.