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    Nobody in Kent enjoys cleaning their windows. Most homeowners simply do not have enough time to take care of every chore around the home but cleaning windows presents a unique challenge, especially if you live in a multi-story home. If this sounds familiar, contact the Kent window cleaning experts at Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning today.

    Home windows should be cleaned every few months. While everyone knows that dirty windows look awful, few homeowners realize that dirty windows have reduced efficiency and a shorter lifespan.

    We can customize our Kent window cleaning services according to your unique needs, which is a great way to save money. You may only want us to clean external window surfaces, or tackle both the interior and exterior. Either way, our Kent window cleaning experts have you covered.

    Our professional Kent window cleaning technicians will wash, scrape, and wipe every pane and even take good care of the frame and sill. Everything on your window will be removed, including:

    Dust, cobwebs, and bugs
    Water stains
    Paint splotches

    Kent Window Cleaning

    To learn more about our window cleaning services or schedule an appointment, contact us today.


    While many window cleaners use ordinary tap water, purified water is far more efficient and will make your windows virtually invisible. While tap water contains minerals that adhere to the glass and leave streaks, purified water actually absorbs dirt, contains no minerals, and leaves windows spotless.

    Our Kent window cleaning company urges clients to try out the Pure Water Cleaning System technology and see the difference for themselves. Other advantages to this Kent window cleaning technology includes:
    Safety – We don’t need to use lifts or ladders to reach high-level windows, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.
    Environmentally friendly – No soaps or chemicals means your window cleaning job is perfectly safe for the environment.
    Cleaner glass – See the world through the cleanest windows you will ever experience.
    Convenience – There is minimal impact to you and your family with this process because minimal equipment is required.

    Contact our window cleaning company today for more information about the Pure Water Cleaning System.

    Kent Window Cleaning
    Kent Window Cleaning


    Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning is Rated 4.8 out of 5 Stars on Google Reviews
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Andrew Munro
    January 11, 2023.
    Worth every penny. Nick was a total pro.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Mike McDevitt
    January 10, 2023.
    Prompt, professional, courteous. When so many business are underdelivering, it is pleasure to work with one which does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Tiphany Thomas
    January 10, 2023.
    We had a wonderful experience, they were responsive and fast and beyond professional! Would recommend to anyone!
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Carly W
    January 10, 2023.
    Amazing service! They went above and beyond to provide a great experience.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Mike Alvarez
    January 6, 2023.
    Honestly, look no further. Timely response, timely quote, timely arrival and work done right the first time at a high standard. All that along with great care given to the property and cleaning up afterwards make Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning the only place I'll call in the future to perform maintenance on my roof and clean my gutters. Special note to Nick, our technician, who did great work, thank you, Nick!
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Tom Benston
    January 6, 2023.
    Daniel was very meticulous, and efficient in cleaning both the inside and outside windows of our two story home.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Nathan D'Ambrosia
    January 6, 2023.
    Excellent service. Our technician was great, very thorough, and helpful.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Bernie Gregory
    January 4, 2023.
    Fast and reasonable....always a job well done.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Mike Phelan
    December 31, 2022.
    I've been using this company for about 3 years. I have them come out twice a year to perform roof and gutter cleaning as I have numerous large trees surrounding my house. They show up on time, every time, and perform the agreed upon work in a timely and professional manner for a reasonable price. I plan to continue using their services in the future.
    Kent Window Cleaning
    Jessica Lyons
    December 30, 2022.
    Very quick to respond when contacted, service provider was on time (in fact early!), quick, communicative, and got the job done.