Top Rated Roof Cleaning Service in Auburn, Washington

Your roof protects your home, your possessions, and your family. So, as much as your roof takes care of you, you need to provide care and maintenance for your roof. With professional Auburn roof cleaning, you can keep your roof in better condition and extend its life dramatically.

    Roof Cleaning Service for Moss Removal in Auburn, WA

    Some homeowners enjoy the look of a moss-covered roof. However, while the appearance may seem quaint to some, the truth is that all that moss takes a toll on your roof and home. Even if you like to see moss growing on your roof, would you still be happy with it if it compromised your shingles, caused leaks, or threatened the structure of your home? Would you feel satisfied when a leaky roof damaged your possessions? Probably not.
    While roof cleaning serves many purposes, perhaps one of the greatest challenges homeowners commonly face involves moss growing on their roofs. Our weather in Auburn tends to be damp, rainy, and wet. With all that dampness on your roof, moss, mold, and algae grow and accumulate. Over time, these unwanted growing organisms can severely damage your roof. And with that destruction, you will likely need to replace your roof sooner than expected.

    Auburn Roof Cleaning

    Auburn Roof Cleaning Methods

    Then, how do we go about ridding your roof of moss? We use the safest methods to protect your roof as we clean it. Our gentle cleaning techniques ensure a clean roof without the damage caused by other companies that use the wrong techniques and equipment.

    Our Process

    Certainly, you could remove the moss from your roof if you wanted to do the work. However, it takes a roof cleaner with experience and the know-how to clean it correctly and safely. Our Auburn roof cleaning method uses a brush to gently scrub moss off of every inch of your roof. Then, we use a blower to clear the remaining moss and other debris.

    After removing most of the moss from your roof, we apply a zinc roof treatment. This added procedure destroys any remaining moss and prevents new moss growth from forming.

    Safety Assured

    We practice safety in every step of your Auburn roof cleaning service. We stay safe as we do our work. Just as important, we protect your roof from damage by working carefully and mindfully. Lastly, we respect your personal property and safeguard it as if it were our own.

    Auburn Roof CleaningAuburn Roof Cleaning

    Why Use a Professional Auburn Roof Cleaning Company?

    Some homeowners want to clean their own roofs, whether to save the cost of roof cleaning, feel self-sufficient, or show pride in home ownership. However, these DIYers usually run into several problems.

    • The tools and brushes they use do not fit with the delicate nature of proper roof cleaning. Instead, they use power washers that damage their home or don’t know which brushes work best.
    • They fall from the roof due to ineffective or nonexistent safety measures.
    • They scrub too hard and damage the roof.
    • They don’t have the zinc treatment to finish the job or prevent moss from returning.

    For all these reasons, it makes more sense to hire experienced professionals. Moreover, since our prices are reasonable and transparent, this investment in your home pays off easily and quickly.

    Auburn Roof Cleaning

    More Benefits of Auburn Roof Cleaning

    Auburn roof cleaning does more than remove moss. Although you may feel relieved to see the moss gone from your roof, you will eventually notice other positive changes. First, your roof will last longer with periodic cleaning.
    Also, a clean roof gives your home exceptional curb appeal. Imagine arriving home after work or vacation and seeing your clean roof. You’ll probably feel happy to see your beautiful home welcoming you back.
    Finally, whether you have noticeable moss or mold on your roof or not, roof cleaning still brings benefits. A good routine cleaning helps you avoid leaks that could damage the interior of your home. Our roof cleaning protects your family, your belongings, and your home.

    Ranier Window & Gutter Cleaning in Auburn, WA

    We provide top-quality services at Ranier Window & Gutter Cleaning, including Auburn roof cleaning. You can do no better than relying on our expert team for the professional touch on this critical job.

    Contact us at Rainier to discuss your home maintenance plans. We are happy to describe all the services we can use to help keep your home in fantastic shape. Choose any or all options to get your home back on the path to cleanliness and a longer lifespan.