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    While we enjoy the changing of the seasons, the roof on your home does not. In Black Diamond roof cleaning is vitally important because the wet weather can cause moss, mildew, and algae to grow. These organisms can cause severe damage to your roof and end up costing you a fortune.

    Why deal with the hassle and expense of a major roof repair when you can contact the Black Diamond roof cleaning experts at Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning? We offer fast, dependable Black Diamond roof cleaning at a fair price and we even offer routine scheduled service, which means you never have to worry about roof cleaning.

    As the premier Black Diamond roof cleaning company in the region, we’ve seen how quickly a roof can deteriorate when ignored. While routine roof cleaning prevents damage to your roof, there are more benefits to roof cleaning than you may realize. They include:

    Roof cleaning extends your roof’s lifespan
    Roof cleaning enhances the aesthetic appeal of your entire home
    Roof cleaning prevents common roofing problems like leaks

    before and after roof cleaning

    How often should our Black Diamond roof cleaning experts visit your home? Much depends on your locating and your home’s natural surroundings, so contact us today for a free quote.

    Black Diamond MOSS REMOVAL

    Do you have moss growing on your roof? Many people think moss growth is a minor problem and some homeowners say they like the way it looks. None of which matters because moss growing on roofs can cause significant damage. Our Black Diamond moss removal experts routinely see how moss on shingle roofs can compromise shingles, cause leaks, and damage the structure and interior of the home.

    Our Black Diamond moss removal professionals will come to your home and ensure your roof is free of moss. None of our Black Diamond moss removal technicians use pressure washers because they can cause even more damage than moss. Instead, we take our time and do the job right with techniques that are safe, gentle, and proven effective.


    Moss removal isn’t necessarily difficult but it does take a certain level of experience to do the job right. Our Black Diamond moss removal process includes agitating the moss with a brush to clean it off of your roof before using a backpack blower to clear away debris. Finally, we add a zinc roof treatment that kills all remaining moss and prevents future moss growth. Our zinc treatment is safe for pets and plants.

    Contact our team of Black Diamond moss removal experts today.