Puyallup Roof Cleaning

Even without thinking of your roof, it can protect you and everything inside your home. However, this does not hold true if you do not take care of your roof. Rainier provides effective Puyallup roof cleaning to keep you and your roof safer year after year. We recommend regular roof cleanings two to four times per year. Schedule times with us, and we come to provide the most effective type of roof cleaning available.

    Our Puyallup Roof Cleaning Services

    Our Puyallup roof cleaning services use the latest and most effective methods and products to keep in excellent condition. Together, our team keeps your roof water-tight and eliminates moss.

    Puyallup Roof Cleaning

    Why Remove Moss from Your Roof

    Moss can make its way all over your roof. The first moss may start on the north side of your roof. However, once it takes root, it can cause damage to your entire roof, including the shingles. After that, your home becomes vulnerable, from walls to sheetrock to your belongings.

    Moss Removal Methods

    We start your Puyallup moss removal by using brush agitation on your roof. Afterward, we use backpack blowers to remove most of the debris and moss. At this point, only about 20% of the moss remains. Then, we apply zinc monohydrate as a granular moss killer. This product not only gets rid of the last of the moss, but it does it without harming your pets or the environment. With this product on your roof, the rain will activate and spread it over your entire roof.

    Cleaning Roof Gutters

    In addition to Puyallup roof cleaning services, we also provide gutter cleaning. This critical task prevents leaks when your gutters get full or clogged. Leaks from gutters can cause damage to your home, from the foundation to the interior. You can also stay safe on the ground as the professionals take care of this dangerous task.

    Can You Do It Yourself?

    You might wonder, why can’t I do this myself? It seems simple enough. All I have to do is get a power sprayer and spray the moss off the roof, right?
    Unfortunately, cleaning the roof yourself can bring considerable danger. Falls from roofs send many people to the hospital each year. And power washing a roof is NEVER recommended! Therefore, we recommend hiring a professional for Puyallup roof cleaning.

    Puyallup Roof Cleaning

    Remember This about DIY Puyallup Roof Cleaning

    If you feel you must clean your roof, keep the following in mind:

    Puyallup Roof Cleaning

    • Clean your roof on a cloudy day.
    • You need a secure ladder to get onto your roof.
    • Wearing good or nonprotective clothes could ruin your apparel or cause you pain.
    • A safety rope will help prevent you from losing your footing and falling.
    • Using a soft brush, you need to take care of any moss first.
    • If you scrape the shingles, you may need to replace them.
    • Finally, a garden hose can wash away the moss and debris.
    • Avoid using a pressure washer. It will damage your shingles and force you to make repairs.
    • You can use a DIY solution to finish cleaning your roof.
    • If you plan to use zinc-coated metal strips, you may not have enough technical skills to do it safely.

    While it is possible to clean your own roof, professionals can do the job more safely and skillfully. Hiring an expert saves you the hassle and could prevent a severe injury or damage to your roof. For these main reasons, we encourage you to contact us for your next roof cleaning.

    Avoid Pressure Washing As a ROOF cleaning solution

    For many homeowners, power washing sounds like the easiest, cheapest solution to cleaning a roof. However, that intense pressure can do more harm than good. It can get off the moss but also damage the shingles, causing them to wear out faster.

    At Rainier, we use a gentler process so that your roof gets clean and moss-free without degrading the shingles. Beyond roof cleaning techniques, we understand all types of roofs and the shingles that make them up. With extensive experience, safety training, and skills, you can count on Rainier to give you the best Puyallup roof cleaning outcome.

    Why not save yourself a hard, tiring job when the pros can do it without harming your roof? In the end, you may save yourself substantial repair or reroofing costs. Instead, you can take advantage of our low-cost roof cleaning service. Then, your roof will shelter you and protect your home for the long term.

    Puyallup Roof Cleaning

    Scheduled Roof Maintenance Plans

    Call us today to schedule Puyallup roof cleaning. We can schedule regular cleanings at a convenient time for you. What’s more, we can create customized schedules for roof maintenance. With free estimates and affordable roof cleaning, your roof looks and protects as it should.
    Contact us now to find out how the most reliable Puyallup roof cleaning company can care for your roof.


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